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Our voice-over are mottled. The aim is to make sure an accurate and smooth flowing performance of the scripts translated from and to all Indian, Asian and European languages.

Feenix Language Solution have a professional talent pool of voice-over experts, producers and editing specialists to ensure the best work within time parameters. We ensure that only native speakers are used to ensure originality and quality in terms of pronunciation, intonation and voice characteristics. Our specialties are commercial training videos and other customized projects. The given script is translated into the target language and then an audio file is created.

Feenix Language Solution specialise in the production of voice over for all forms of media - including Corporate Productions, E-Learning projects, Animations, Phone Prompts, IVR - Interactive Voice Response, On-Hold messages, Auto Attendant messages, DVDs, Video audio & narration, Computer games, Voice to Picture.


Feenix Language Solution has the largest and most experienced team of captioning and subtitling systems and provides a range of products to cater for all your subtitling needs, since Feenix Language Solution using advanced technology and we work hard to provide subtitling Solution to fit with these new and emerging technologies.

Subtitle is the process of creating sub-title text and timing information to match a video program and generally carried out by trained professional translators or sub-title at Feenix Language Solution work station. Sub-title can also include live sub-titling for news and sports channels.

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