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Feenix Language Solution is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with its headquaters in Bangalore. We are providing customized value added. Clients seek us for many reasons and foremost are the belief that we will always do what's in their best interest. We approach each project afresh with passion and intelligence. We are ambitious. We challenge. We question. We deliver solutions that are not faddish or short-sighted – but designed to deliver competitive advantage and market success.

As a world renowned professional language service provider, our company focuses on the motto of "honesty with sincerity, knowledge with morality". We dedicate to provide high end Translation, accompany Localization, Voice-over, Sub-titling, and other content to global clients under the economic globalization, market integration and the ever changing commercial environment.

With Feenix Language Solution, your company reaches international markets by means of specialized translations in several areas and languages.


Our objective is to provide the highest level of language translation. Each task is carried out by professionals who provide translation that are technically accurate according to your specifications; all while meeting the deadlines and approved budgets.


We help our clients to increase their corporate growth by providing them with the necessary tools to communicate with local and international markets, and with clients of different ethnic and cultural origins. We help break the linguistic barriers our clients face and turn them into successful communication tools. Customer service and satisfaction are the key elements of our success.

Speed and punctuality

Nowadays business seems to move at the speed of light. Keeping to tight delivery deadlines and maintaining high quality, punctual delivery within a stipulated budget makes

Feenix Language Translation Service Company

a highly reliable company. However, we never accept unrealistic deadlines, as this would undermine our quality.

language translation company

Quality Assurance

All translation projects undergo a multi-layered process of checks and reviews in order to ensure the highest scale of quality. Over the years, we’ve......

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best translation company

Certified Translation

we frequently issue translation certificates, which are required for much of the scientific documentation we work with......

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Clinical Trials

Feenix Language Solution is a global provider of intensive translation to the life sciences industry. We have been delivering medical communication ......

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Interpreting involve the verbal performance of one language into another and vice versa to make easy spoken communication between parties......

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