We are India’s leading professional translation service provider. We Feenix Language Solution an Award Winning Company INDIA 5000 BEST MSME AWARDS / ISO 9001:2015 Certified established as translation industry leader. Since 2011, 13+ years of extensive industry knowledge.

We have our headquarters in Bangalore, India and have been a part of this community for over the years. We understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach based on the needs of our clients.

  • ISO 9001:2015 : We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Award-Winning Excellence: India Best 5000 MSME Award - Our commitment to quality & customer satisfaction
  • Established in 2010: 13+ glorious years of experience, Industry knowledge
  • Domain Specialized Linguists: 1000+ Linguists with high-quality translation services
  • Advanced Technology: Leverage the power of cutting-edge translation tools
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Various Features That You Can Get In Our Company

In a globalized world, expanding your business beyond borders is a must to thrive. And if you want to unlock global markets, you need professional translation services that can help you connect with diverse audiences worldwide.


Best Features That Make Everything Easy

With our professional translation services, you can confidently take your business to the next level and unlock global markets. Don’t settle for less, choose Feenix Language Solution for all your translation needs.


Skyrocket Your Sales Effortlessly with Translation & Localization Services!

Language Translation & Localization increase your sales and diversify your revenue streams, it will also prioritize your customers by providing a seamless, personalized experience in their language of choice. By avoiding offensive content and reducing plagiarism, you’ll also increase downloads and boost your online store ranking.

So why limit yourself to one language or market? With Feenix’s translation & localization services, you can easily tap into new markets and take your business to new heights!

Best translation company in India


Vast Network of skilled Multi Lingual Translators

Feenix Language Solution enables thousands of Large, Medium and small companies to fuel their global growth with cost-effective professional translation & localization services.

Human Touch

A Creative Human Touch

Looking for translation services that deliver exceptional quality and accuracy? Look no further than our Professional Translation services with a creative human touch! We translator helps you to communicate through your language.

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We are Since 2010

We understand that your words are personal and important, which is why we make sure they stay in human hands from beginning to end. Our team of expert translators will carefully localize and approve your web content, ensuring that there are no costly mistranslations that could cost you millions.

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A Translation Company You Can Trust

We guarantee the most accurate localization possible while helping you reduce costs. Plus, with our trust and commitment to maintaining your trust, you can rest assured that your words are in good hands.

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Convenient & Accommodating

Our convenient and accommodating services make it easy to send and receive documents, pay, and get the results you need. Experience the difference of translation services with a creative human touch!

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Affordable & Flexible Pricing

FLS provides a comprehensive solution for all your language translation needs. We have a flexible pricing plan to meet all types of content requirements and budgets. You have the freedom to customize your wants.

You Need to Know Why You Should Choose Us

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Key Benefits working with Feenix Language Solution

With our expertise in translating and localizing content, we help you break down these barriers and reach out to customers worldwide.

Expand your global reach

Expand your business and increase sales potential by making your website visible to a global market. With Feenix's Translation services, you can easily expand your reach and connect with diverse markets worldwide.

Exceptional User Experience

Deliver an enhanced user experience by providing translated content in your target audience's local language. With our in- dustry specific knowledge, process and technology expertise and customer experience.

Branding Consistency for All Your Products

Your brand's voice, tone & brand identity remain consistent in all the content in any language we translate. You can touch your target audience and attract potential custo- mers, also establish trust & loyalty.

SEO Content and More Visibility

Translated & SEO optimized content boosts your search engine visibility in Inter- national markets. We have proven that a combined holistic multilingual approach, substantially increases online traffic.

Higher Rate of Conversion

Customer friendly local language with local essence makes easier custo- mers to purchase, they can access product info- rmation, reviews and customer support in their native language.

Localization & Cultural Sensitivity

Design to cater cultural sensitivity beyond just language. Ensuring that images, symbols, colour & other sensitive elements tailored to resonate with target audience, enhancing user satisfaction.

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Unlock the Power of Advanced Translation Technologies

We have developed our own translation technologies, such as our real-time translation memory and interactive glossary, which significantly optimize the total number of words to translate.

Our technology also ensures the consistency of your translations, while integrating your SEO keywords in every language. We have also integrated leading-edge neural machine translation that helps to reduce translations costs even more.

Know More About Quality Process


Optimized Content for Your Local & International SEO

Localization in fluent Local language

Our team of SEO experts are here to save your day. We'll take your content with complete SEO support. We'll optimize your content in all languages and on all search engines, so you can be sure that your message is getting heard loud and clear. We cover your project with our top-notch translation skills. Trust us, your online visibility will be so high, you'll practically be able to touch the sky. So why wait? Let's get optimizing!

Meets the Industry Standard

Simple Process with dedicated Project Manager- you can communicate with our project manager at any point. Just share your materials with our dedicated project manager, provide details about your project, and leave the rest to us.

Boost Brand Image with Social Engagement

Prioritizing your International customers with professional localization will also increase downloads and reduce the risk of plagiarism. Plus, it will boost your brand image by avoiding offensive content. So don't miss out on the benefits of video game localization - let us help you take your game to new heights!

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What People Think About Us?

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the top translation agencies in India. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

My Cad drawings translation in multiple language done accurately. Awesome work keep it up guys... All the very best...




Quick Language solutions and technically well versed team. Saved me from hassle and stress. Professional Project Management.

Arnav Rakesh

Arnav Rakesh

Bussiness Analyst

My Cad drawings translation in multiple language done accurately. Awesome work keep it up guys... All the very best...

Jillian J. Dolly

Jillian J. Dolly

Social Media Manager

Social Media content rewritten as per the local language. which made me to get more traffic. thanks guys

FredaB Walker

FredaB Walker

SEO Expert

Team is organized, efficient and have great attention to details.They save me from hassle and stress. So i can focus more energy to my clients for the great show.



Bussiness Development Manager

Thank you so much Feenix for translating my large volume project. The staff and support are second to none. They are polished, proficient, accessible and patient...

Anuradha Bhat

Anuradha Bhat


Team is organized, efficient and have great attention to details.They save me from hassle and stress. So i can focus more energy to my clients for the great show.



Bussiness Development Manager


We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

Our native speakers in the target languages are well-versed in the legal terminology and jargon specific to their respective countries. Trust us to provide you with high-quality legal translation services that meet your unique needs and requirements.


Happy Clients






Words Translated

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Affordable & Flexible Pricing

We have a flexible pricing plan to meet all types of content requirements and budgets. You have the freedom to customize your requirements.

Industries We Serve:

We work hard creating new and innovative localized content in local language concepts unique to the brands we promote, with high production values that match our clients’ expectations. We have a legacy of great localization & translation services that have been used to help promote campaigns worldwide.

Professional Translation Services

We Empower Your Brand to Succeed in the Global Markets

Reach out to Your Target Audience and Attract Potential Customers with Your Local Language.
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